Name Title or Program Specialty Location Email
Jaroy Moore Resident Director Lubbock email
Jane Dever Associate Director, Cotton Genetics Lead Lubbock email
Michael Clawson District Extension Administrator Lubbock email
Molly Forman Regional Program Leader – Family & Community Health/4-H Youth Development Lubbock email
Danny Nusser Regional Program Leader – Agriculture & Natural Resources/4-H Youth Development Lubbock email
Name Title or Program Specialty Location Email
Burow, Mark Peanut Genetics Lubbock email
Maeda Murilo Extension Agronomist Lubbock email
Cecilia Monclova-Santana Extension Plant Pathologist Lubbock email
Coffman, Michelle Extension – District Office Manager Lubbock email
Daniel Hillin Extension Viticulture Specialist Lubbock email
Dotray, Peter Weed & Herbicide Science Lubbock email
4-H Specialist Lubbock
Keeling, Wayne Agronomy — Weed Science Lubbock email
Keeling, Will Extension Program Specialist Lubbock email
Kelly, Brendan Cotton Fiber Properties Lubbock email
Koym, Jeff Vegetable Breeding Lubbock email
Lewis, Katie Soil Science Lubbock email
Miquela Smith Extension Program Specialist – Health Lubbock email
Montague, David T. Horticulture Lubbock email
Nancy McDonald BLT Regional Program Manager Lubbock email
Parajulee, Megha

Comprehensive CV

Entomology — CottonWebsite Lubbock email
Porter, Dana Professor & Extension Agricultural Engineer – Irrigation & Ag Water Management
Extension Program Leader and Associate Department Head
Texas A&M University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Lubbock email
Porter, Pat Extension Entomologist — IntegratedPest Management Lubbock email
Trela, Brent Extension Program Specialist – Enology Lubbock email
Trostle, Calvin Extension Agronomist Lubbock email
Vyavhare, Suhas Extension Entomologist Lubbock email
Wallace, Russ Vegetable Specialist Lubbock email
Wendy Scott Extension 4-H Specialist Lubbock email
Wheeler, Terry Plant Pathology Lubbock email
Will Keeling Extension Program Specialist – Risk Management Lubbock email
Xu, Wenwei Corn Genetics Lubbock email


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