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Cotton Videos:

Thrips on Southern High Plains Cotton: Scouting, recognition, treatment thresholds and insecticides Recognizing thrips damage in seedling cotton Sampling techniques to determine Lygus bug and fleahopper numbers in cotton
Using a beat bucket to assess beneficial insect numbers in cotton Beneficial Insects: Our Allies in the War Against Cotton Pests Scouting for Cotton’s Six Most Wanted Pests


Corn IPM Videos:

Scouting for First Generation Southwestern Corn Borer Scouting for Second Generation Southwestern Corn Borer Corn Rootworm Larval Damage, Life Cycle, and Damage Caused by Adults Scouting for Spider Mites in High Plains Corn
First Look at Drought Resistant, Earworm Resistant White and Yellow Corn Hybrids from the TAMU Breeding Program at Lubbock Overview of the Corn Breeding Program at Lubbock: Drought Tolerant, Mite Resistant, Earworm and Aflatoxin Resistant Corn Breeding and Screening for Aflatoxin Resistance: a Look at the Goals and Methods


Peanut Videos:

Fundamentals of West Texas Peanut Scouting Throughout the Season Early Season Peanut Pests and How to Scout for Them Mid-Season Scouting for Foliage Feeding Pests Mid-Season Pests: Southern Corn Rootworm and Burrowing Bug Scouting for Mid-Season Peanut Diseases
Recognition and Prevention of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Sclerotinia on High Plains Peanuts Primer on Cylindrocladium Black Rot Pod Rot of Peanuts Assessing Peanut Maturity for Harvest


Sorghum Videos:

Sorghum Midge: Timing Insecticide Applications on the Gulf Coast Sorghum Greenbug and Control with Systemic Insecticides on the Gulf Coast Effects of Sorghum Row Spacing on Yield and Greenbug Numbers on the Gulf Coast Overview of Iron Chlorosis in Sorghum on the Gulf Coast Important Considerations when Choosing a sorghum Variety on the Gulf Coast

Insect Collecting Techniques:

Insect Collecting is Easy if You Know Where to Look Choosing and Using Insect Nets Using an Aspirator to Collect Small Insects Blacklighting for Beetles and Moths
Pitfall Traps for Collecting Arthropods Fundamentals of Collecting Aquatic Arthropods Making an Insect Killing Jar Pinning Larger Insects, And How to Use a Pinning Block
Point Mounting Small Insects Spreading Moths and Butterflies A Different Example of Spreading Moths and Butterflies Putting Insects into Alcohol
Storage Boxes for Amateurs and Professionals Storage Boxes for School Insect Collections Protecting Insect Collections Dermestid Larvae


People Place Alley Garden from 1978:

Growing Asparagus Sowing carrots on top of beets Spring garden and garden orientation Drip irrigation
Trellising snow peas and other vegetables Mulch and mulches Planting green beans Spacing members of the cabbage family
Removing row covers, adding wind breaks A bit about lettuce Spacing Sweet Corn Cages and plastic for tomatoes
Pollinating squash by hand, squash bugs Severe weather, tomatoes, and snow peas Solving common potato problems Growing cucumbers on trellises
Harvesting the cabbage family Tomatoes: coping with heat and mites Planting broccoli for a fall crop Planting carrots for the fall garden
Planting fall beets and corn


Growing Roses on the Texas High Plains:

Planting Bare Root Roses Planting Potted Roses Spring Pruning of Roses Deadheading Roses
Aphid Control on Roses Thrips Control on Roses Identifying and Removing Rootstock


Pig Forensic Video

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