Local Pest Control Services for Africanized or Potentially Africanized Bees

Dr. Jay Stone, Chairman of the Texas Structural Pest Control Board, surveyed all of the pest control providers listed through his organization or that are in area telephone directories. Of the approximately 60 companies contacted, the following is a list of pest control companies that will deal with potentially Africanized bees and have the proper protective equipment and training.

Companies are presented in alphabetical order.  No preference is implied by the order of listing. The list may grow longer in time.



D’s Pest Control 796-2928 Brian Duncan
Gafford Pest Control 792-4292 Tim Gafford
Meers Pest Solutions 745-3738 Kyle Meers
Pest Management Services 794-4567 Dr. Jay Stone
Premier Pest Services 799-3883 Greg Barnes
Teminix 792-2317 Scott Turner
Tuffy’s Pest Control 794-9772 Tuffy Woodfin


The Extension Service does not remove bees.  Your local county Extension office wil refer you back to this list.

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