Other Relevant Publications

  • 1999 – A Year For Sticking to the Basics: High Plains Cotton Production Considerations. Randy Boman (PDF)
  • 1999 Reports from the Technology Transfer for Texas High Plains Producers Project (PDF)
  • Making Replant Decisions. James Supak, Randy Boman, 1999 (PDF)
  • 1999 High Plains Harvest Aid Guide (PDF)
  • Cotton Variety Considerations Under Replant Conditions. Randy Boman (PDF)
  • Alternative Crop Options After Failed Cotton in the Southern High Plains. Calvin Trostle (PDF)
  • Reports from the Cotton Profitability Improvement Program, Texas High Plains, 1997 (PDF)
  • Effects of Stand Loss and Skips on Cotton Yields. J. Supak and R. Boman (PDF)
  • View Randy Boman’s Slide Presentation presented at this meeting: Cotton Variety Performance in the Texas High Plains (html)

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