Helms Research Farm 2004

Summary Report

Table of Contents

Research Participants


Field Tours

Corn Breeding (Field 1)
Wenwei Xu

Cotton Irrigation Management with SDI (Field 2)
James P. Bordovsky, Cody Mull, and Megha Parajulee

SDI Cotton Variety Performance Under Different Management Scenarios (Field 2)
John Gannaway, Lyndon Schoenhals, Valerie Morgan, and James P. Bordovsky

Effect of SDI Design on Cotton Lint Yield (Field 3)
James P. Bordovsky, Cody Mull, and Joe Mustian

Deep Tillage in SDI Fields (Field 3)
James P. Bordovsky, Doug Nesmith, Joe Mustian, and Cody Mull

On-Pivot Sensing System for Site-Specific Cotton Management (Field 5)
Stephan Maas, Robert Lascano, and James Bordovsky

Remote Sensing at Helms (Field 5)
Terry Wheeler

Influence of Cotton Cultivar and Planting Date on Lygus Populations (Field 5A)
Megha N. Parajulee, Apurba K. Barman, Ram B. Shrestha, Stanley C. Carroll
Douglas M. Nesmith, and James P. Bordovsky

Evaluating the Merits of Sub-Threshold Effects of the Bollgard Technology on the Economics of Bollworm Management (Field 5A)
Megha Parajulee, James F. Leser, and Ram B. Shrestha

Replicated Chaperone Plant Growth Regulator Demonstration Under LEPA Irrigation (Field 5A)
Randy Boman, Mark Kelley, Mark Stelter, Doug Nesmith, James P. Bordovsky,
Danny Carmichael and John Everitt

Variable Rate Irrigation of Corn (Field 5B)
Robert J. Lascano, Jill D. Booker, James P. Bordovsky and Eduardo Segarra

Evaluation of Pyrethroid for Control of Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn (Field 5B)
Greg Cronholm

Control of Southwestern Corn Borer in Corn (Field 5B)
Greg Cronholm

Variable Rate Cotton Irrigation with LEPA (Field 5CDE)
James P. Bordovsky, Joe Mustian, Jill D. Booker and Robert Lascano

Comparison of Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems for Cotton (Field 5CDE)
Wayne Keeling, John Everitt, James P. Bordovsky, Doug Nesmith and Cody Mull

Large Scale LEPA Irrigated Cotton Variety Test (Field 5F)
James P. Bordovsky, Wayne Keeling, Randy Boman, Doug Nesmith and John Everitt

Comparison and Interpretation of COTMAN Growth Curves Under Varying Irrigation Regimes in the Texas High Plains (Field 5F Span 5-8 and Field 6A-F)
Dana Porter, James F. Leser, Randy Boman, James Bordovsky

Improving Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Subsurface Drip-Irrigated Cotton (Field 6A-F)
Kevin Bronson, Rajkumari Yabaji and J.D. Booker

Large Scale SDI Cotton Variety Test (Field 6A-F)
James P. Bordovsky, Wayne Keeling, Doug Nesmith, John Everitt and Randy Boman

Influence of Soil Nitrogen Level on Seasonal Activity of Cotton Arthropods with Drip Irrigation Systems (Field 6G)Megha N. Parajulee, Ram B. Shrestha, Stanley C. Carroll, Doug Nesmith, and James P. Bordovsky

Peanut Breeding Research (Field 6G)
Mark D. Burow, Yolanda López and Jamie Ayers

Large Scale Variety Comparison in Drip Irrigated Cotton (Field 6H)
Wayne Keeling, John Everitt and James P. Bordovsky

2004 Rainfall and Irrigation Amounts at Helms and Halfway

Operations Summary

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