Roundup Ready vs. Bollgard/Roundup Ready Varieties

These projects were established to compare Roundup Ready and Bollgard/Roundup Ready (“stacked gene”) varieties with similar genetic backgrounds. Varieties were paired by recurrent parent background, with the main comparison of Roundup Ready only versus Bollgard with Roundup Ready to establish the value of the Bollgard gene. Sites included Lamesa AGCARES, Halfway Helms Farm, and the Denver City Peanut Farm. Bollworm and beet armyworm (BAW) insecticide applications on all plots were managed by IPM agents at Lamesa and Denver City (Tommy Doederlein and Clyde Crumley) and by Dr. Scott Armstrong (Halfway Helms Farm). Insecticide applications were made across all plots and all varieties when encountered. Plots were harvested with the TAES John Deere 7445 cotton stripper with field cleaner. Grab samples of stripper harvested material were ginned at the Gin Lab at the Lubbock Center, and the resulting lint samples were submitted to the International Textile Center for HVI analysis. Loan values for lint were determined by plot and used to calculate net value per acre for varieties. Seed and technology fee costs were calculated based on suggested retail prices and respective seeding rates for each location.



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