Tokio, Yoakum County

Systems Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Transgenic and

Conventional Varieties in the Texas High Plains

February, 2001

Dr. Randy Boman, Extension Agronomist-Cotton

Mr. Mark Kelley, Extension Assistant-Cotton

Mr. Alan Helm, Extension Assistant-Cotton

Texas Agricultural Extension Service

Lubbock, TX

Low Weed Control Input Site

Rickey Bearden Farm, Tokio (Yoakum County)

Clean-tillage following soybeans

Irrigation: low elevation spray, straight rows

Plot Size: 12 40-inch rows/plot

Area: Variable (1.1 to 2.2 Acres/Plot), 3 replications of each variety

Planted: May 25, 2000 at 18 lb seed/Acre

Harvest aid program: October 5 – 1.25 pt/acre Prep + 5 oz/acre Ginstar (no follow-up application of Cyclone

was required due to freeze)

Harvested: November 30, 2000 (after significant weathering due to rainfall occurred)

Blanket Herbicide Program: $9.66/acre

Dominant weed species: silverleaf nightshade, prairie sunflower, johnsongrass

Due to lack of significant weed pressure at this site, a conventional herbicide program was used on all varieties. No post applications were necessary, and minimal hoeing and spot spraying was required. The herbicide program consisted of 1 pt/acre Treflan applied preplant incorporated. An additional 4 oz/acre of Treflan and 8 oz/acre of Caparol (broadcast basis, but applied on a 10-inch band, in other words, the treated area on the band received 16 oz/acre Treflan and 32 oz/acre Caparol). The total cost for this herbicide program was $9.66 per acre (Table 3). One uniform cultivation was performed across all varieties.

Moderate beet armyworm pressure was observed at this site, and two applications for control of that pest were made during the growing season. This site was located in a boll weevil eradication zone.

Varieties planted at this site included:

1. Paymaster HS 26

2. Paymaster 2326RR

3. Paymaster 2326BG/RR

4. Paymaster 2200RR

5. Paymaster 2280BG/RR

6. All-Tex Atlas RR

7. Stoneville 4892BR

8. Stoneville BXN 47

9. Fiber Max 989

10. AFD 2050

11. Deltapine 237B

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