Roundup Ready vs. Bollgard/Roundup Ready Varieties Results

Data from this project indicated that under moderate BAW pressure at Lamesa no yield advantage for Bollgard was observed (Table 1). No significant differences were obtained for net value/acre at the Lamesa site. With subthreshold lepidopterous larvae pressure at Helms Farm, no yield advantage for Bollgard was noted, and net value per acre was significantly greater for the Roundup Ready varieties when compared to the Bollgard/Roundup Ready types (Table 3). This is for the most part due to the added cost for the Bollgard technology fees. Under high BAW pressure at Denver City, the stacked gene in all backgrounds outproduced Roundup Ready varieties by an average of about 40 lb lint/acre. However varieties were not statistically different for net value/acre. This is due to the fact that higher seed and technology fees and lower lint quality reduced the net value/acre for some of the stacked gene varieties when compared to their Roundup Ready counterparts (Table 5). It was noted that PM 2326BG/RR tended to have shorter staple than PM 2326RR and that PM 2280BG/RR tended to have longer staple than PM 2200RR (Table 2, Table 4, and Table 6). Additional multi-site and multi-year applied research is needed to evaluate the added value of Bollgard technology from the stacked gene varieties.

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