Extension Resources from Other States

Interactive site from Iowa. Includes lessons addressing Planning to Shop, Shopping the Store, and Preparing meals. Includes a recipe and food demo video for the month.

Great resource for senior congregate meal site programs – “Eat Better & Move More, Part 2” Found under “Resources” near bottom of the page (Click on See all…” under “Resources” for many other programs).

Includes some programs that are appropriate for BLT audiences (some in Spanish).

In July/August 2008 Issue – under Resources – Hispanic America Saves National campaign to encourage individuals in Hispanic communities to save money and build wealth. These free materials contain information for consumers on whether to buy, how to buy, and how to finance cars; they are in English and Spanish (here are a couple of addresses) http://americasaves.org/national http://americasaves.org/strategies/auto/Bilingual Car Materials.asp

“Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think and Be Active!” – 10 lesson series to help youth learn about media and their connection to health, nutrition, and physical activity – targeting ages 11-13. Might serve as a resource for 4-H F&N project leader. All materials are available in the Facilitator’s Guide and can be downloaded at this site.

Child Caregiver Resources from Penn State – information for caregivers and parents. Includes some daycare activities and lunch/snack ideas.

Nutrition Education for limited income audiences SNAP-ED.

A system designed to help people eliminate debt in the fastest possible way.

This guide presents core nutrition messages and supporting content (bulleted tips, recipes, stories) designed specifically for low-income mothers and children participating in Federal nutrition assistance programs.

A cultural adaptation and translation of Teen Talk for Spanish speaking families. Builds on strategies to help parents overcome obstacles of parent-teen communication. Teen Talk fact sheets (English and Spanish) focus on teaching parents strategies that facilitate open communication and provide parents with knowledge and confidence to talk with their teens about challenging topics. This project is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota Extension and North Carolina Extension. There is no cost to download the resources, all are available as PDF documents on the web.

Wellness In the Rockies addresses obesity innovatively and effectively. The curriculum addresses valuing your health, respecting body-size difference, enjoying the benefits of self-acceptance, enjoying physically active living, and enjoying healthful and pleasurable eating.

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