Helms Research Farm

Summary Report

Table of Contents

Research Participants


Corn Breeding (Field 1)
Wenwei Xu

Cotton Irrigation Management with SDI (Field 2)
James P. Bordovsky and Joe Mustian

SDI Cotton Variety Performance Under Different Management Scenarios (Field 2)
John Gannaway, Lyndon Schoenhals, Valerie Morgan, Randy Boman and James P. Bordovsky

Effect of SDI Design on Cotton Lint Yield (Field 3)
James P. Bordovsky and Joe Mustian

Reducing Manganese Oxide Emitter Plugging in Subsurface Drip Irrigation (Field 3)
James P. Bordovsky and Joe Mustian

Replicated Late Planted Transgenic Cotton Variety Demonstration Under LEPA Irrigation (Field 5A)
Randy Boman, Mark Kelley, Mark Stelter, Doug Nesmith, James P. Bordovsky, Danny Carmichael, and John Everitt

Variable Rate Irrigation on Cotton Yield and Fiber Quality – Summary
Jill Booker, Jim Bordovsky, Robert J. Lascano, and Eduardo Segarra

Comparison of Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems for Cotton (Field 5CDE)
Wayne Keeling, John Everitt, James Bordovsky, Doug Nesmith, and Cody Mull

Variable Rate Irrigation on Corn
Jill Booker, Robert J. Lascano, and Jim Bordovsky

Adding Cotton Plants to Hail Damaged Cotton Using RTK/GPS Guided Equipment (Field 5F)
James P. Bordovsky, Wayne Keeling, Randy Boman, Doug Nesmith, and John Everitt

Variety and Seeding Rate Performance of Large Scale SDI Cotton Production
Wayne Keeling, Jim Bordovsky, Randy Boman and John Everitt

Influence of Soil Nitrogen Level on Seasonal Activity of Cotton Arthropods in Drip Irrigation System (Field 6G)
Megha N. Parajulee, Stanley C. Carroll, Douglas M. Nesmith, and James P. Bordovsky


2005 Rainfall and Irrigation Amounts at Helms and Halfway

Operations Summary

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